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Traditional Mexican Food - Authentic Mexican Recipes

The Mexican culinary art is not only reduced to very spicy dishes prepared with almost the same ingredients, it is so diverse and charming because many of its recipes have remained intact centuries before the conquest and others are the masterful results of traditions and culture that have passed from generations.

Mexican food recipes are among the best in the world and is recognized by lovers of good cuisine, which is why there is a great restaurant in the city of Edmonton where both tourists and locals can enjoy deliciously typical Mexican dishes.

In the preparations of traditional Mexican food there are authentic and different flavors of exquisite dishes that enhance and potency to the Mexican cuisine.

One of the main recipes within the Mexican gastronomy are the tacos, prepared with soft and spongy tortillas made with corn flour, the stuffing can be varied but traditionally stuffed with minced meat that can be chicken or beef is also added cilantro, tomato, and onion to provide freshness.

The tamale is a very delicious traditional dish, usually prepared from corn dough and stuffed with different meats, chilies or vegetables, then covered with corn cob leaves or banana.

The Mexican quesadillas are among the most famous, is a species of tortilla sandwich of corn or wheat whose main ingredient is cheese can also be accompanied by chicken, mushrooms, ham or meat. They are made with a tortilla folded in half, with the stuffing ingredients inside and when two tortillas are used with the stuffing in the middle they are called synchronized quesadillas.

The chilaquiles is that dish that consists of pieces of corn tortillas lightly fried in green or red sauce, can also be accompanied by chicken, cream and cheese.

Due to its variety of recipes, unique ingredients, blends and flavors, authentic Mexican food has become one of the most important, receiving a great number of recognitions and making it one of the most requested and important, since in spite of the time it has maintained the authenticity and tradition that characterizes Mexican gastronomy.

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