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Mexican Food and Its Popularity

Mexican food is conformed of a series of delicious dishes and is recognized for its distinctive flavors, has an extensive variety of recipes that have been passed from generation to generation and today constitute a great gastronomic attraction.

This culinary proposal has a number of elements that make it unique, and among them stand out its ingredients such as corn, beans, and chili, as well as cooking techniques, variety and colors of dishes, are the set of all these characteristics that make it so popular around the world.

In the year 2010, Mexican food was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Thanks to this, Mexico cuisine was extol for its diversity and exotic combinations of dishes that are made from ingredients and flavors so unique that they can only be found in their homeland.

It is one of the favorite foods, each dish conveys and reflects an explosion of flavors, because its richness is so great that it impacts the world, and not only in terms of flavor, but also cultural. Mexican cuisine combines rituals and traditions.

Such is the importance of this gastronomy that harmoniously fuses traditional and vanguard food, that nowadays foreign tourists are motivated to visit Mexico not only because of its cultural attractions but also because they want to try the famous dishes with intense flavors.

Due to their great popularity, we can find Mexican chefs and restaurants scattered around the world that have left high Mexican cuisine through delicious dishes, which when you try them allow you to live a great experience of colors and flavors.

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