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Can’t Stop Yourself from Falling in Love with Mexican Food

What did you order the last time you went out to a fine dining restaurant? We bet it would be Mexican. From taco to nachos it’s all our favorite to-go dishes while we go out to eat. Its indeed difficult to resist these. No doubt Mexican cuisine began about 9000 years ago when agricultural communities just started building.

Understanding Mexican cuisine is as complex as unwinding other ancient cuisines as that of India, China or Japan for that matter. Of course it has a Spanish touch to it because of the Spanish conquest of the Mexica empire. Not to forget that Mexican cuisine has also been influenced by the neighbors next door, US-Mexican border over the years. Nevertheless, it has all resulted in the ever-favorite delicacies that we would love to savor upon.

Having said enough about the Mexican food let us now have a look on most popular Mexican dishes as below.

Taco: who hasn’t tried tortillas wrapped up with all the goodness of beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and cheese. Topping the list must be one of the most popular items all over the globe. Again, with a huge variety of fillings, it offers versatility and variety, therefore, you can never get over it. It is served with.

Burrito: nothing fills the stomach better than tortilla filled with Mexican rice, beans, meat, avocado and cheese. One burrito roll can keep filled for half of a day. It is said that there was a time when workers were served with burritos to help them work for longer hours while keeping their stomach filled. Next time hungry, go grab a burrito from a food truck nearby.

Nachos: Someone who tried nachos is seriously missing on some real doze of freshness and flavors. Nachos are simply crispy tortilla chips topped with cheese, bacon, olives, beans and whatnot. Healthiest and savory snacks one can every try.

Quesadilla: As the name suggest the dish is even more complex, round tortilla folded in half and filled with cheese, vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, meat, etc. It is cooked until the cheese has melted and served with chopped onions or cheesy sauce on top. It is as tempting as its recipe.

Enchiladas: How can we miss tortillas in any Mexican dish, as corn being their favorite ingredient. Enchiladas are tortilla bread wrapped with a variety of ingredients including meat, cheese, beans, potatoes, vegetables and topped with rich thick sauces typically a cheese-based sauce or a pepper-based sauce or simply salsa.

We bet you are dying to try all of those now, get yourself into a Mexican restaurant next time you go out to eat. Don’t forget all the Mexican dishes will include cheese, vegetables or meat in it and that’s what we call healthy eating, don’t we?

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